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Emergency Alerts


For School Closings, Delays & Early Release Info


Do not rely on any ONE form of communication for information
related to school closings, delays and/or early release.

Please check phone, email, web, television and/or radio
in anticipation of any changes of opening status for schools.





*The following methods of communication will be used for notification of school closures and delayed openings:

  1. GPS Web Site:
  2. CT Weather Web Site:, click on IAN Cancellations or follow link on GPS web site
  3. District ParentLink: The District will use the ParentLink electronic telephone communication system to call the primary number for each family at approximately 6:00 AM.
  4. Radio: local and regional stations
  5. Television: Cablevision Channel News 12 and other local and regional stations

The Greenwich Public Schools use a multi-channel communication plan to provide weather-related closing and delayed opening announcements and other emergency notifications. It is important to monitor multiple sources for emergency information. Please review the District’s emergency alert plan.


Delayed Opening School Hours:

1 hour delay - 9:00 am-2:45pm

90 minute delay - 9:30 am -2:45pm

2 hour delay - 10:00 am-2:45pm

Early Release School Hours:

8:00 am-12:45 pm

*Please note -- a decision could be made at any time to dismiss earlier or later than the ‘standard’ schedule. In either case, the early release dismissal times will be listed on the GPS Website.